‘We don’t want confrontation’ US tells Syria after carpet-bombing Damascus


Washington D.C: US Pentagon chief, James Mattis, told reporters at the White House today that the US “does not seek confrontation” with Syria, despite launching multiple unprovoked attacks across the country.

The assurance also follows reports of more than 24 US cruise missile strikes against Syrian forces in east of the country who are fighting radical Islamic terrorists trying to impose Sharia Law on the secular population.

In a separate incident, a Syrian fighter jet that was trying to protect a kindergarten on the outskirts of the town Al-Qaboun was shot down by an Israeli warplane which had just returned from attacking a Syrian medical research facility.

“The US and its allies do not seek confrontation in Syria,” US Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters. “We are simply doing our job of defeating ISIS.”

When informed by a reporter that ISIS had been defeated in Syria in December 2017, Mattis refused to take any more questions but said the US would be sending “hundreds of thousands” of troops to Syria “because of ISIS”.


Turkey says full-scale invasion into Syria ‘not meant to be hostile’ 

Meanwhile, US ally Turkey, which is invading the north of Syria, echoed Mattis’ assurances. Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, told the Syrian ambassador to Ankara that his country’s invasion into Syria was “the good kind of invasion” and not meant to be hostile.

“This is a good kind of invasion,” Erdogan told the ambassador on the sidelines of a UN Security Council vote aimed at shoring up support for an American pre-emptive nuclear attack against North Korea.

“We aren’t threatening the government of Bashar al-Assad…only capturing numerous Syrian cities, bombing Syrian military targets and arming Islamic fundamentalist rebels trying to overthrow the Syrian government. Apart from that, we come in peace.”

The Turkish government insists its military invasion into Syria is for the purpose of “totally wiping out the entire Kurdish population”, but Syria has complained that repeated airstrikes against its country’s infrastructure, bridges and roads is unacceptable.


‘Don’t even think about defending your country’ – Trump warns Assad

Yesterday, US President, Donald Trump, issued a stern warning to Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad whose air force attempted to shoot down a US jet carpetbombing towns on the outskirts of Damascus.

Trump said that the Syrian leader’s “threatening behaviour” would not be tolerated and told Mr Assad to let the US Air Force continue destroying his country’s critical infrastructure and military defences “with impunity”.

“Assad should have some respect for our pilots. If he tries shooting down our planes, he’s not gonna know what hit him,” Trump said.

Trump also warned the Syrian army to stop returning fire on radical Islamic terrorists who have been shelling the Syrian supreme court and parliament.

“The Syrian army has to stop fighting these good, respectable people who want nothing more than freedom and democracy,” Trump said. 

Human rights groups have slammed Trump’s comments, saying the Islamist rebels are infamous for beheading children, converting Christians to Islam at knife-point and attacking humanitarian aid convoys with car bombs.

“The fact of the matter is that Syria is being invaded and attacked on multiple fronts, not only by nation states acting out of pure aggression, but by dangerous terrorist organisations who are murdering women and children,” a spokesman said.

“Assad is no angel, but he’s simply trying to defend his country like any respectable leader would. The days of ISIS being the excuse are over. This is an outright war of territorial conquest now.”














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